Paulo Lial
Paulo Lial
Paulo in the Casino

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Los Lantos


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Paulo Lial is the Head of the Los Lantos gang.


Paulo Lial was a mafia boss, leader of Los Santos and uncle of his nephew Felipe Lial. Paulo was first seen in the Casino with his men, beating up a man. Paulo was just about to use a hammer to kill the man but was interrupted by Milo Burik. Paulo then ordered Milo to drive Felipe to a drop. Paulo is not seen in many parts of the game. Later in the story, Paulo then sits with Milo outside the Casino. He showed him his lie detector which was broken. He then told him to air jack a broker's limousine and to take him to his Mansion and that he'll meet him there. Then Milo shot down the broker's men as Paulo arrived. They then watched his men drag the broker into the mansion. Milo then drove Paulo back to the Casino, Paulo then receives a call that The Police raided the Mansion, his men have been arrested and also that the broker has escaped in an Ambulance. Paulo gets angry with the person the phone because he ran, saying that "you better keep running, I will find you and I will kill you." Paulo then ordered Milo to get the information from The Broker and to rescue his men. Milo then did so.

Paulo is also seen in balance of power. Paulo's men then capture Javier and Lumi but are rescued by Milo. Paulo and his men arrive but his men are gunned down by Milo and Javier. Paulo shoots Javier and kills him. Lumi then takes Javier's gun and shoots Paulo, killing him.